GameCardsonline Ripped me off

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Here we go again.

I bought the cards and talked to Tara before I bought them. She told me no problem using my paypal. I ordered 2 cards and got a refund. I asked why i got a refund if I talked to them first and they said they dont take my paypal. So I paid with credit card. Kris advised me they had instant service just like botsmall does, but only during service hours. So how is that like botsmall i asked and he said it jsut is. next thing I know I must have been talking to someone else. They just start yelling at me saying I was banned from their website for asking too many questions.

I asked for my cards and they said I would get refunded but I never got anything.

Later I went back and they were all nice to me again saying sorry they thought I was someone else. So I asked for my cards and gave my receipt number. They started yelling saying I never paid for it and I am trying to steal from them

I have had it with GamedCardsOnline they are worse then botsmall. I wish codered would let me come back!

Kris and Tara your "family service" sucks

Review about: Bot Cards.


Sidi Bel Abbes, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria #33050

I have filed a charge back and yes if this is a the real tara of gamecardsonline then you did yell at me and call me a scammer.

You must have pms a lot, most of the time your support was helpful and you were nice. Now it seems like you have done a complete turn around. Say what you want but we all know you snap at us the customers and you call us all sorts of names. You did it to me friend too. Just because you did not like his sign up name you ban him off your website.

Your service is the worst, you hide customer complaints from your other customers by deleting them off your website. telling the deleted customer comments that only certain people have access to post in your shout box.

Face it you stink and I will not be returning, at least botsmall listened to me and we worked everythign out. Now i am happy with botsmall once again. no more waiting on your stinky service to get my cards, if i ever got them.

Please do not reply with more of your lies I am tired of them along with the other people you have mistreated!

Sursee, Luzern, Switzerland #30265

I am sorry but this does not sound like us at all.You must be thinking of another company, must still have botsmall on your mind lol!

First off, we never yell at anyone and have not had a problem in a long time. The only problems we have had are with a few scammers here and there and then when botsmall plays their games with us, which I believe is happening here. Second, there are only 2 people working here, just Kris and I, so there is no way you were talking to someone else like you said. Third, we have not had to ban anyone from our site in a really long time and when we do that, it is only scammers.

And to add to that, you say we refunded you in paypal but we checked our records and the last refund we did was back in July to a scammer with a Kuwait IP address. We searched our payments in August and looked for someone who paid in paypal and in our direct credit card system and we did not find anyone. And when we tell you that you will get a refund, then you get one. We do not do anything here to hurt anyone.

We help everyone in the best we can and go out of our way for people, which is different than any other company out there. All other companies will send you to the forums where you get no help at all and we help everyone one on one until all the problems are resolved.

There is no way, under any circumstances that we would act this way to anyone.Please do me a favor and get me on MSN and I will resolve your problem, if there ever was...

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Sursee, Luzern, Switzerland #30256

It would thrill me to ask, since you never got your money back why don't you charge back and provide that information because I would like to see this happen. We haven't needed to refund anyone in a long time. Last time we refunded anyone was when botsmall was playing games like they normally do.

Sursee, Luzern, Switzerland #30254

For starters, we never yell at anyone.If you weren't part of botsmall and trying to give us a bad name then you would have gotten your cards.

We never restrict anyone from using paypal.

so instead of being a liar why not be honest with the people.please provide me a order number and email and lets prove to the people who the liar is.

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